Yahoo doesn’t care about their users.

Yahoo doesn’t care about their users.

8 days ago I suddenly could not sign in to Yahoo. My Yahoo ID seems not to exist. Same with my recovery options. I only get to see my wife’s account or work account, not my own Yahoo account. And yes, I DO know my recovery options. Tens of thousands photos I posted on Flickr have disappeared as well. Years I have been paying for a PRO-account. All gone now.

Yahoo seems to have NO real customer support. Only links to recovery pages that don’t work for me. There is a community page where some people post questions, and if you’re lucky a Yahoo employer reads it. I posted my questions… still no answer.

Then I also did find a page with Flickr support. I asked here what happened. Within 24 hours they replied by sending me a template that Yahoo is allowed to delete accounts and that I may have violated their terms. I only use my Yahoo ID to sign in to Flickr daily, nothing else any more, so I am pretty sure I haven’t violated anything. To my replies how to get my account and my photo’s back they still haven’t respond. So much for customer support.

Tens of thousand of photo’s gone. Albums sorted, photos commented, tagged, geo located.
Friends and groups on Flickr…. also gone
Hundreds of hours of work in creating something lots of people appreciated. All gone.

I have little hope I will get it back. Arrogant Yahoo bastards: Thanks a lot!