Indonesia part 1

Aug 14 – Sept 11 would be our holiday in Indonesia and Singapore. We left the evening of Aug. 14th from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, had a stop over at Frankfurt Int. Airport and then flew to Singapore where we stayed 1 night at our friends place. The next day we take Air Asia to take us directly to Yogyakarta. Here is the 1st Album with pictures that I selected during our visit to Indonesia, and shorty after our return back home.

Unfortunately during our holiday my father got serious ill. We decided to come home earlier, but he passed away before we left Indonesia. This means we missed our 4 day stay in Singapore. SOS international helped us to get a flight back home as soon as possible. Sept 2nd we left Indonesia by flying from Yogyakarta to Jakarta, and then take flights to Dubai and to Amsterdam. Being awake for more then 12 hours, then start travelling for another 30 hours… we were pretty tired when we came home again.