ElfYourself.com sucks

I made 2 nice videos with elfyourself.com and shared them on facebook (through the elfyourself website). But the link on facebook appears so small, most contacts from overseas don’t really notices them. So I purchased both video’s for 1 dollar each, and uploaded the video itself to facebook on the morning of dec 25th. within a few hours I got “legal notice” from facebook that my video was removed, violating copyrights and stuff, bla bla… etc.
I googled a bit and it seemed that OfficeMax lets facebook remove all uploaded videos from elfyourself. They don’t allow it. A link to it is ok, but the actual video is not. Even though we (me and many other users) paid lots of dollars for it. The only thing I can do with it (legally) it seems is archive it for my personal use. Come on… People buy it to share it…
I think this is a big mistake from Officemax. They are a bunch of pathetic losers ripping us all off (sorry, I’m really pissed by now). I don’t think I will ever deal with Officemax again.

Officemax go to hell !